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How Cannabis Helps Michelle Montoro Cope with Bipolar Disorder

Michelle Montoro is a stay at home mother, army wife, and author of the lifestyle and fashion blog Shelbee on the Edge, as well as a writer for At 26 years old, Michelle was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She joins Enhance Your Life this week to discuss her personal struggles with bipolar disorder, as well as the challenges and negative side effects she faced during her first 10 years of medicinal treatment. Michelle saw a reduction in those negative side effects when she turned to cannabis use as an alternative form of medication. Michelle details her personal experience with cannabis use and how it has helped her manage Bipolar Disorder, while minimizing the unpleasant side effects often associated with traditional psychiatric medicine. With a larger goal of introducing cannabis for treatment of psychiatric conditions other than bipolar disorder, Michelle is hopeful that the mental health community will embrace the vast benefits of cannabis.  

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