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Prepared Foods

Prepared Foods: Strategies for Succeeding in Cannabis Dispensary, Traditional CPG Channels

When it comes to branding for cannabis-infused food and beverages, knowing who the consumer is—and what their needs are—is crucial to developing successful products. That’s easier said than done, especially if brand owners and manufacturers aren’t entirely sure who will walk through the dispensary door, notes Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer, Wana Brands, Boulder, Colorado.… read more

Prepared Foods: Wana Brands Brings Sour Gummies to Missouri’s Medical Market

Missouri’s medical cannabis patients now have access to Wana Brands’ Sour Gummies, available in a range of ratios designed to meet different needs. Wana products available through Missouri medical cannabis dispensaries include Mango Sativa, Blueberry Indica and Watermelon Hybrid, all of which provide 10 mg servings in a 100 mg package.… read more

Prepared Foods: Wana Brands Expands High-Dose Medical Gummy Offerings in Colorado

Wana Brands is expanding options for Colorado medical marijuana patients with the launch of its high dose Exotic Yuzu Sativa/Inspire Gummies and Raspberry Limeade Indica/Mindful Gummies. These high-potency gummies offer 50mg of THC per serving and are available in a 20-serving (1,000 mg) package at select medical dispensaries throughout Colorado.… read more

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