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Green Entrepreneur

Green Entrepreneur: 420 Gifts for the One You Love

With all due respect to Easter and Passover — and we do hope you all had lovely holidays — April’s most inclusive holiday is clearly 4/20. And if there’s one thing cannaseurs know about holiday gift-giving, it’s that it should be as stress-free as Seth Rogen at a potter’s wheel. With that in mind, here… read more

Green Entrepreneur: Meet the Hippies Who Invented the Term 420

Back in 1971, a group of hippie high schoolers in Marin County, California came up with the term “4:20” for weed. The story of how this codeword came to be and how April 20th became a worldwide celebration for all things marijuana, is the stuff of legend. The high school click called themselves The Waldos and… read more

Green Entrepreneur: New Perspective Will Fuel 420 Celebrations This Year

One year ago, in the earliest days of the pandemic, the world was going into a global lockdown while people everywhere adjusted to coronavirus quarantines, toilet paper shortages, and n95 masks. Worry gripped the nation, and hope for a better day seemed a far-off, distant aspiration that could only come following months of fear and… read more

Green Entrepreneur: The Cannabis Industry Has a Chance to Change the World

As is typical of most entrepreneurs, I like to think that I am responsible for my success. Entrepreneurs do work very hard, and some are talented enough (and lucky enough) to become successful. Still, white entrepreneurs, especially those of us in the cannabis industry, must also acknowledge that we have benefitted from the business version… read more

Green Entrepreneur: Green Wednesday Could Produce Record Sales

The day before Thanksgiving has a bit of a sordid history. Back in 2007, the day was coined ‘Drinksgiving’ or ‘Blackout Wednesday’ by college students flocking back home to be with family for the holidays. Unfortunately, it is also a horrifically common night for drunk driving accidents, surpassing New Year’s Eve by a longshot.… read more

Green Entrepreneur: Edibles Just Might Be The Future Of Cannabis

November 2020 will be one of the most anxious months, in one of the most angst-ridden years, in recent memory. It began with a highly-charged U.S. presidential election. Meanwhile, health experts are already warning about a possible COVID-19 spike. And though Thanksgiving is known for large gatherings of friends and family, this year’s celebration will be scaled down… read more

Green Entrepreneur: How To Save Money And Feel Better On National CBD Day

This August 8th, 2020, marks the third annual celebration of National CBD Day. Some of you might be rolling your eyes, wondering why this day of recognition exists at all. Isn’t it just an excuse to sell more products? But for others, a day like this—chock-full of opportunities to snag discounts on a product that makes… read more

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