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This Instagram Influencer Wants Moms to Get High

As a mom, Jessica Gonzalez heavily leaned into wine culture to cope with the daily stressors that came with the role. But after realizing this form of “self care” may not be as helpful as advertised, she was re-introduced to cannabis as a medicinal tool. Jessica was transformed, and started an Instagram account under @themommyjane to be an educational resource for other women interested in cannabis. On the pod, Jessica speaks with Brooke about Mommy Jane’s purpose and what she’s doing to make the industry more equitable and diverse. She discusses what it’s like destigmatizing cannabis for women and means to be forward looking in the cannabis world, whether that be partnering with the right advertisers or looking into industry-changing products like cannabinoids. Jessica also talks about the future of another drug — psychedelics — and why everyone should start paying attention to its future.

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