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The Predatory Deals and Institutional Obstacles That Prevent Cannabis From Being a More Inclusive Industry

Here are some startling statistics: According to Marijuana Business Daily, 76% of the cannabis industry is run by white business owners and only 8% of cannabis CEOs are women. It’s safe to say that the cannabis industry struggles with diversity, but what’s being done about it? In this episode, Jonathan talks to Hilary Yu, Morris Kelly, and Kimberly Dillon. They’re all involved in a nonprofit called Our Academy, which is a workshop, mentorship, and resource group of individuals and companies in the cannabis industry that are open to knowledge sharing and supporting social equity. Hilary, Morris, and Kimberly talk about the hurdles they’ve faced in the industry, and why programs like Our Academy are needed to level out the playing field. They also talk about the power of mentorship for cannabis entrepreneurs, and how a strong network sets you up for success.

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