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Smoke weed and get paid to do it!

This week, host Jonathan Small chats with Whitney Adrian who is a successful cannabis influencer. Growing up in puritan Massachusetts, Whitney thought that cannabis was a harmful drug and that only the “stoner dudes” in high school smoked it. Then one day on a church outing with some girlfriends, they encouraged her to try it. Girls smoke it? So it’s not just for stoner guys? So she tried it. And liked it. But she was afraid to let anyone else know. She didn’t want to be put into the “stoner box”, didn’t want to be judged for it. It took several years for her to say “loud and proud” that she smoked cannabis. So how did she turn her love for the plant into a thriving business? Her instagram account alone has more than 60,000 followers. And, she gets to try all kinds of cannabis for a living. So how can you get a job like that? Take a listen!

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