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Providing a Commitment to High Quality Cannabis with Danny Murr-Sloat from AlpinStash

Danny Murr-Sloat is the co-founder of AlpinStash, a Colorado-based craft cannabis cultivation company. In 2003, Danny, then 21 years old, was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. He joins the show to share his experience with this rare condition – including being prescribed opioids as pain relief medication, which sent him into a vicious spiral of depression and dissociation. Danny goes on to reflect on how his recovery process finally took a turn for the better when he started to use cannabis to self-medicate, as well as how experimenting with gardening and learning to grow and breed cannabis became a motivating force in his life, helping him find purpose again.  Lastly, Danny talks about starting AlpinStash, and their commitment to providing clean, high quality cannabis.

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