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One Woman’s Tireless Fight to Get Her Brother Out of Prison for a Non-Violent Cannabis Crime

Beth Curtis is the founder of Life for Pot and Release Nonviolent Drug Offenders. Her entire life path changed in 1994, when her brother was sentenced to two life sentences for a non-violent marijuana offense. Beth and her family quickly went from naive and optimistic to seeing just how serious the War on Drugs was, and the broken aspects within the US Justice System. This week, Beth joins Jonathan to talk about how she used her internet savvy and background in non-profit work to focus her mission on founding Life For Pot in 2008. She shares a few of the many things she did to advocate for her brother’s release, which happened in 2020 on President Trump’s last day in office. Finally, Beth discusses the power of storytelling to show the human aspect of those wrongly incarcerated, the responsibility within the cannabis industry to step up, and how one can get involved with advocacy for the innocent.

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