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Capturing the Beauty of Hemp with Maren Krings

For this week’s podcast, we have photojournalist and documentarian Maren Krings all the way from Germany. Maren brings us such a rich and interesting conversation about her dedication to the social and environmental impact of the climate crisis, and her work documenting the worldwide rediscovery of industrial hemp. In addition to authoring three photo books and exhibiting her work internationally, she’s been busy photographing more than 200 projects, interviewing more than 80 industries, and traveling to 26 countries.

Currently, she’s working on a book about hemp’s potential to mitigate the ecological crisis. Hemp has an interesting history in the U.S. as George Washington used to grow hemp on his plantation and it has an ecological significance. Maren tells us about what industrial hemp is and her reason for focusing on it. She also talks about how hemp can help the planet and the misunderstanding between industrial hemp and cannabis. This episode also informs us of the obstacle and stigma of preventing countries and farmers from growing hemp. You can visit her website at to learn more.

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