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Artistry and Cannabis with Renee Marino and Pher01 of the Street Wise Boulder Mural Festival

This week, host Jonathan Small is joined by two guests – Renée Marino and Ray Simmons – to talk about the Street Wise Boulder Mural Festival, a street art festival featuring 39 different artists that took place this September. Renée is a board member of Street Wise Arts; a non-profit based in Boulder, Colorado that helps implement community murals and art projects; as well as the founder of Dirt Media, an independent publishing platform committed to growing artists. Our other guest, Ray, also known as Pharaoh One, is a Denver-based painter, graffiti artist and muralist. We also discuss cannabis and its wide use among artists; with Renée sharing her observations on the increasing openness surrounding cannabis use; and Ray diving into his unique relationship with cannabis, and how he associates with the plant on a spiritual level.

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