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Hosted by journalist Jonathan Small, the “Enhance Your Life” podcast tells the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed for the better by cannabis. Discover interviews with cannabis enthusiasts of all walks of life—athletes and artists; chefs and CEOs—who have first-hand experience with the healing power of the plant.

With new interviews released every Wednesday, “Enhance Your Life” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Rate, review, and subscribe to make sure you never miss an episode!

The Secret Benefits of the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Swathi Varanasi is one of the first-ever Integrative Health and Medical Cannabis Pharmacists, and a Chief Scientific Officer at Element Apothec. She is also a plant-based wellness expert and a medical consultant for CBD and food brands. Dr. Swathi has a passion for helping consumers understand their choices for CBD and cannabis, and uses her experience in science and pharmacy in conjunction with proven natural healing remedies. 

We get our own private lesson this week, as Dr. Swathi talks about what exactly the endocannabinoid system is, and “cannabimimetic” things like herbs, fruits, and the feeling of a runner’s high that we can incorporate into our life for a beneficial effect. She talks about the importance of working with a professional to get your dosage right, and finding the best type of method to consume cannabis that suits your lifestyle.

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Grab a Paintbrush and Get Ready to Puff and Pass

If you've ever attended a wine and painting party and wished there was something out there for the cannabis lover, this week's guest will make you very happy. Jonathan welcomes Heidi Keyes, Denver based artist and President and Co-Founder of Puff, Pass, and Paint, the first ever 420 cannabis inclusive art class. Puff and Pass has branches in 10 other cities including Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, and welcomes any age and skill level to come puff and paint. Heidi shares why she saw a need to merge art and cannabis together and how it differs from the wine and art parties. Heidi talks about some of the amazing yet nontraditional pieces of art that have come out of her class once people let go of their inner critic, and how the art differs from city to city. Check out this episode!

Trannabis, Chef and Founder

Since an early age, Jamie London Wollberg has known his way around a kitchen. Jamie started cooking when he was 10 and enrolled in a culinary camp program by the time he was 11, with his first restaurant job at 14. Today, he is on a mission to celebrate inclusion and help others cultivate unconditional self-love. Jamie joins Jonathan this week to discuss Trannabis, a lifestyle activism brand that aims to bridge the gap between cannabis and the LGBTQAI2S+ communities. Jamie also discusses his cooking show The Trannabis Kitchen, Trannabis Chi, and his own healing journey with cannabis. Among many things, Jamie is a proud queer, trans, and neurodiverse healer, a spiritual wellness coach, chef and entreprenuer.

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How to Plan The Perfect Cannabis Vacation

Jonathan welcomes Rick and Monique Fitzgerald, co-founders of InnDica, an online cannabis travel guide that reports on the latest and greatest cannabis friendly vacations, hotels, destinations and much more. Rick and Monique talk about their story each in finding healing with the plant, the biggest misconceptions when it comes to traveling with cannabis, and their predictions for the future of cannatourism. They also share a few of their favorite picks for cannabis friendly travel that you won’t want to miss!

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The Canna Pastor Preaches the Healing Power of Cannabis

Victor Calderon, teacher, author, and three time cancer survivor, joins Jonathan this week. Victor shares his story about being diagnosed with leukemia in 2009, his deep emotions in getting the news, and his dedication to staying alive not only for himself, but his daughter as well. Victor talks about being introduced to Medical Marijuana through his phlebotomist, and how his faith in healing allowed him to be open minded enough for the plant to change his life. Victor talks about the different responses from loved ones and in the ministry to him being a cannabis advocate and user, and how he uses his website Canna Pastor as a resource to guide others that need support. Now, Victor is excited to spread the message of peace, love, and CBD.

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Cannabis Art and NFTs

Jonathan welcomes guest Ciara Bourne, graphic designer and digital artist based in Denver, CO. Ciara took her passion for social justice, social equity, and environmentalism and created a one of a kind digital NFT to raise money and awareness for the Cannabis Impact Fund, a joint venture that Wana Brands is also involved in. Jonathan first breaks down exactly what an NFT is and why they are valuable. Ciara also gives advice to young budding artists, why they may be interested in creating NFT’s, and the power she found using a contrast of tackling serious issues with a light hearted approach in art.

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Cannabis Lawyer Weighs in on THC Caps

This week, Jonathan is joined by Christian Sederberg, Founding Partner of Vicente Sederberg LLC, in Denver, Colorado. Christian is a widely recognized leader in the cannabis industry, and works closely with government officials at a local, state, and national level to advocate thoughtful cannabis policy. He also played an integral role in the passage and implementation of Colorado’s historic cannabis legalization initiative in 2012. Christian shares his take on where prohibitionists are coming from, and how the push for cannabis reform can be a way to bring political parties together. He also gives his predictions on federal legalization, and why we must think about the counter effects behind making public policy that leads to consumers sourcing their cannabis from the illegal market.

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The Cocktail Whisperer Talks About Buzzworthy Libations, Garden Gnomes, and The Grateful Dead

Does a tasty cannabis cocktail sound like exactly the thing you need this week? Warren Bobrow, Mixologist, Chef, and Author definitely thinks you should give it a try. Warren shares the story behind his interest in the early apothecary days leading him into the world of cannabis, and how it has greatly helped him manage glaucoma over his 49 years of being a proud customer and industry icon. Warren and Jonathan talk about ending the stigma around cannabis, what the future of alcoholic based cannabis drinks looks like, and the main ingredients for a perfect cannabis bar. Warren also shares what a garden gnome named Klaus! has to do with the perfect cannabis-infused beverage and what you wouldn’t expect from seeing The Dead over 300 times.

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Inside Wana Brands: How The Company Managed the Pandemic

Adapting as a company wasn’t easy over the pandemic, but Wana Brands put their minds together and created new resources, creative strategies, and the same great products. This week we get a glimpse behind the curtains and hear from our friends at team Wana Brands, Joe Hodas, Chief Marketing Officer, and Stephanie Daley, VP of Market Expansion. They share how Wana not only survived but thrived over the past year despite limitations and travel bans, getting creative with R&D training programs and more remote operations. Joe and Stephanie also talk about what’s next for Wana and new digital marketing efforts, what products they are personally excited about right now, and the changes in consumer behavior they saw over the pandemic.

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Smoke weed and get paid to do it!

This week, host Jonathan Small chats with Whitney Adrian who is a successful cannabis influencer. Growing up in puritan Massachusetts, Whitney thought that cannabis was a harmful drug and that only the “stoner dudes” in high school smoked it. Then one day on a church outing with some girlfriends, they encouraged her to try it. Girls smoke it? So it’s not just for stoner guys? So she tried it. And liked it. But she was afraid to let anyone else know. She didn’t want to be put into the “stoner box”, didn’t want to be judged for it. It took several years for her to say “loud and proud” that she smoked cannabis. So how did she turn her love for the plant into a thriving business? Her instagram account alone has more than 60,000 followers. And, she gets to try all kinds of cannabis for a living. So how can you get a job like that? Take a listen!

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