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Hosted by journalist Jonathan Small, the “Enhance Your Life” podcast tells the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed for the better by cannabis. Discover interviews with cannabis enthusiasts of all walks of life—athletes and artists; chefs and CEOs—who have first-hand experience with the healing power of the plant.

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Pairing Cannabis and Food

This week, Jonathan is joined by Philip Wolf, founder and CEO of Cultivating Spirits, the first company in the United States to offer a cannabis food pairing experience. Philip walks Jonathan through the journey that led to where he is now, which began in 2009 when he opened his first cannabis dispensary in Colorado. He became a cultivator after the healing plant was legalized, and through this experience, discovered terpenes and the many ways in which they influence the cannabis consumer’s experience. Philip explains the science of food and terpine pairings, and why it was important for him to recently separate himself from the term “cannabis sommelier.”

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Two Unlikely Moms Open a Dispensary

Gina Dubbé and Leslie Apgar are mothers, professionals, and founders of Greenhouse Wellness. They started this dispensary with the goal of helping sufferers of chronic pain, and to break the stigma that marijuana should remain on the fringe of society. Gina and Leslie talk with Jonathan about their beginnings in the cannabis world, and how a medical spa ultimately evolved into the opening of a dispensary. Gina and Leslie also share what sets Greenhouse Wellness apart from other dispensaries with a focus on the education, comfortability, and a consistent experience visitors can count on. Lastly, Gina and Leslie also provide insight on how cannabis has the power to affect women’s libido, and how it has personally helped them.

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Cannabis for the Over 50 Set and Behind the Scenes with Led Zeppellin

This week, Jonathan is joined by Jason Turner, the cofounder of Three Wells, the first website created for mature adults who are searching for reliable information about CBD and cannabis. He shares the story of his personal experience with back pain, which led him to turn to cannabis for relief. Jason and Jonathan discuss the changes that take place in the body when hitting 50, which include an increased sensitivity to cannabis and its effects. He provides advice for parents who consume marijuana and how their use can be explained to children, as well as advice for older consumers, whose generation stigmatized cannabis. The Three Wells website provides valuable information on cannabis products for consumers looking to learn more, and Jason encourages everyone to “start low, go slow!”

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A Doctor Weighs In on Cannabis and Sleep

This week, Jonathan is joined by Michael J. Brues, aka the Sleep Doctor, a Clinical Psychologist, sleep expert, and author of The Power of When. Michael walks Jonathan through sleep architecture and how cannabis affects this process. He also discusses the best method for cannabis consumption for sleep, and tackles some common issues people encounter when turning to cannabis to help their sleep quality. Michael also provides a resource for his chronotype quiz so you can learn your unique biorhythm and take proper steps to optimize your sleep quality!

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Meet the Hippies Who Invented 420

There are no better guests to have on the show this week than the 4/20 founding fathers themselves, Steve Capper and Dave Raddix of the group,”The Waldo‘s.” Steve and Dave share how they became known as The Waldos while attending high school in the 1970’s in Marin County, California. They dive into the origin story of 4/20, and the serendipitous events that led to the group meeting at 4:20 pm, a number that became a secret code for weed when in the presence of authority figures. The term spread throughout various communities, including the Grateful Dead Community, until eventually becoming official slang for weed. Steve and Dave debunk common theories about where the term 4/20 began, and discuss the progress that the cannabis industry has made throughout the last five years. Steve and Dave also share a funny anecdote involving a run-in with the police!

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Jeannette Horton is the executive director of NuLeaf Project, a project designed to build generational wealth for communities most affected by cannabis prohibition by providing funding, mentoring, and skill building. She shares her story on becoming involved in the cannabis business, and what led her to the realization that we greatly need to fix the racial divide in the industry. Ultimately, Jeannette’s cannabis related arrest served as inspiration to work in the industry. Jonathan and Jeannette also discuss the paradox that exists in the cannabis industry, as it is considered  a “liberal” industry, yet minorities and people of color remain underrepresented. Jeannette also shares one of NuLeaf’s special success stories and gives us a little glimpse into what lies ahead!

As part of its ongoing commitment to social equity in the cannabis industry, Wana Brands has joined Oregon’s NuLeaf Project to support the passage of the state legislature’s Cannabis Equity Act (HB3112 2021). The partnership also supports the development of resources to help promote NuLeaf’s minority business accelerator program, which is working to build intergenerational success for Black and Brown people throughout the legal cannabis industry.

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Biohacker Says Cannabis May Be The Missing Piece of Fitness

This week, Jonathan is joined by Josh Holland, a biohacker, fitness trainer, holistic health coach, and host of Simply Walk the Talk podcast. Josh gives Jonathan a crash course on biohacking and discusses his exciting world in training huge celebrities. Josh discusses how fitness and cannabis can go hand and hand, referring to cannabis as the “missing puzzle piece” of many people’s health and wellness journey. Josh provides recommendations as to how people can add cannabis into their fitness regimen, and shares his personal experience with how cannabis has enhanced his athletic career.

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Dr. Michelle Weiner is double board certified in Interventional Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Spine and Wellness Centers of America. She is also known as South Florida’s medical cannabis and CBD expert and educator. Michelle opens up about her deeply personal experience that led her to developing a non-toxic, multifaceted holistic approach to help others manage their pain. Michelle also breaks down the complicated biological processes involved with cannabis intake, and how these processes compare to those of traditional painkillers. Finally, she discusses potential health issues which can arise with users when consuming cannabis in conjunction with other substances.

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Jonathan is joined by cannabis industry icon Mary Jane Gibson, a performer, writer, and a co-host of the podcast Weed and Grub. Mary Jane discusses the many ways in which the powerful plant has enhanced nearly all facets of her life, particularly after she experienced a life-changing traumatic event. Mary Jane discusses how cannabis helped her manage PTSD by providing her with comfort both physically and philosophically during her difficult time. Jonathan and Mary Jane also delve into the existing stigmas attached to the cannabis industry, particularly those related to gender. They also talk about the optimism behind better female representation within the cannabis industry in the future.

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Jay Jackson, aka Laganja Estranja, is a drag queen, LGBTQIIA+ icon, and a competitor in Season 6 of Rupaul’s Drag Race. The self proclaimed “Sativa Diva” joins Jonathan this week, and shares a funny anecdote about how she initially discovered cannabis use as a creative tool, which landed her a highly selective appointment as a U.S. Presidential Scholar of the Arts. In addition, she also talks about using cannabis for medicinal purposes after suffering an injury in college. The two discuss how the character of Laganja Estranja came to be, and how she has successfully expressed femininity in a stigma ridden, gender normative society. Laganja discusses how she is using her platform to spread messages about cannabis, particularly related to race and social justice issues. She also shares exciting upcoming projects, which include a movie, television series, and an album!

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