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Hosted by journalist Jonathan Small, the “Enhance Your Life” podcast tells the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed for the better by cannabis. Discover interviews with cannabis enthusiasts of all walks of life—athletes and artists; chefs and CEOs—who have first-hand experience with the healing power of the plant.

With new interviews released every Wednesday, “Enhance Your Life” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Rate, review, and subscribe to make sure you never miss an episode!

Yoga, Cannabis, and Beautiful Blue Islands with Martha Triantafillides

Martha Triantafillides is the founder of Blue Island Yoga,  and grew up a lover of sports and physical activities, along with a dedication to her spiritual practice and love of nature. On this week’s show, Martha shares her journey with yoga, from practicing poses with her mother at an early age to re-discovering it in her adult life as a form of emotional therapy. She also talks about her experience with cannabis, and how she incorporates it into her work at Blue Island.

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Talking Hemp with Expert Morris Beegle

Morris Beegle is the co-founder and president of We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA), an organization that comprises some of the hemp industry’s leading brands, such as the NoCo Hemp Expo, Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars, Tree Free Hemp, Let’s Talk Hemp and more. In this week’s episode, host Jonathan Small and Morris share what you should know about hemp – what it is and where the industry is headed, as well as its diverse range of uses, including everything from eating it to using it for building guitars and furniture. Morris also shares the role cannabis plays in his daily life.

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Cultivating Self Love With The Help of Cannabis featuring Bianca Blanche

Bianca Blanche found her calling as a Budtender after she left her job in New York City and moved to Los Angeles. She began working at a dispensary in West Hollywood and found that her expertise in cannabis could directly help enhance the experience of her customers, people from all walks of life. In this week’s episode, host Jonathan Small and Bianca talk about the statistics of Millenials and cannabis use, and how she has used it to stay ambitious yet grounded and calm. She also shares some of the best (and most hilarious) questions she has been asked as a budtender. 

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Celebrated NYC Restaurateur Ron Silver Solves the Cannabis Dilemma

Ron Silver joins the show this week to share his story on how cannabis helps him as an artist and a creative, and one very busy businessman. Ron is the chef/owner of the popular restaurant Bubby’s in New York, and founder of Azuca, providing the technology for Wana Quick Fast-Acting Sour Gummies, which take effect in 5-15 mins. Listen to learn more about the process of cooking with cannabis, and why Ron remains a serious consumer and advocate of the plant.   

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Cannabis and the Southern California Lifestyle with Chris Cantore

This week, host Jonathan Small is joined by San Diego radio industry veteran, digital media executive, and founder of Yew Media, Chris Cantore. Chris opens up about his own struggles with anxiety, and the ways cannabis has helped him over the years both personally and professionally. As the host of San Diego radio shows on 91x, 100.7, and many more, Chris saw first hand how cannabis culture fit in with surf, skate, and music in Southern California. 

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Chef Bombshell Shares Her Recipe For Using Cannabis To Help and Heal

Michelle Lankford, also known as Chef Bombshell, is an award-winning cannabis chef in Eagle River, Alaska. Her fans not only love her for her inventive, delicious, and medicated dishes, but also for her fun and silly antics on her show digital cooking show, Burnin’ with Bombshell. In this week’s episode, Michelle talks about her early entry into cooking with cannabis at age 8, and the many ways cannabis has helped her overcome her own health conditions. She shares how she transitioned from cooking for her friends to winning competitions and gives us a few of her favorite recipes to try in the kitchen. 

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Enhancing Integrative Medicine With Cannabis with Dr. Dave Gordon

Dr. Dave Gordon is a Medical Cannabis and Integrative Medicine Physician, educator, and advisor based in Denver, CO. He has been an early adopter of natural and safe practices that support health and address symptoms at their root cause. Dr. Dave talks with us about how his patients helped him see the potential of cannabis, and the ways he has benefited from using it personally. We also discuss why cannabis isn’t taught more in medical schools currently, but may only be a matter of time before it’s more widely accepted. 

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How Phish Uses Cannabis To Spark The Creative Process with Tom Marshall and RJ Bee

This week we are thrilled to talk with Tom Marshall, the primary lyricist and singer for Phish, and RJ Bee, co-founder of the Helping Friendly Podcast and the Osiris podcast group. Tom talks about how he met fellow bandmate Trey Anastasio and became part of one of the most well known and respected bands in music today, and how he and RJ linked up as both music lovers before launching Osiris. Then, Tom and RJ discuss how cannabis enhances their creative process and connects them to music in a more present and grounded way.

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Innovation and Growth with Nancy Whiteman and Mike Hennesy

Welcome to the premiere episode of Enhance Your Life, brought to you by Wana Brands. In the first of many fun, educational, and informative episodes, your host Jonathan Small welcomes Wana’s CEO, Nancy Whiteman, and the Director of Innovation, Mike Hennesy. Nancy and Mike discuss how Wana has innovated and grown over the 10 years of business, and why innovation is so important to Wana’s company culture and products. They talk about how Wana is leading the way in the cannabis industry, what we can expect next from the company, and how someone new to cannabis can begin to find a product right for them.

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Welcome to Enhance Your Life

Discover the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been enhanced by cannabis. Brought to you by Wana Brands, the #1 infused brand in the U.S., each episode features interviews with cannabis enthusiasts of all walks of life—athletes and artists; chefs and CEOs—who have first-hand experience with the healing power of the plant. Hosted by journalist Jonathan Small.

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