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Hosted by journalist Jonathan Small, the “Enhance Your Life” podcast tells the inspiring stories of people whose lives have been changed for the better by cannabis. Discover interviews with cannabis enthusiasts of all walks of life—athletes and artists; chefs and CEOs—who have first-hand experience with the healing power of the plant.

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A School In Michigan Teaches You Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis

On this episode, Jonathan speaks with Sammie Rogers Jr., founder and CEO of a Michigan-based cannabis school called Higher Learning Institutions. Higher Learning Institutions offers its students all types of courses related to the cannabis industry, from consultancy to extraction and cultivation. Sammie shares his journey into the cannabis industry, and how he managed to get the funding to make his school happen. The founder also talks about just how diverse the school’s students are, and the surprising collaborations that come from those who enroll in the school. Sammie and Jonathan discuss the future of the cannabis education space, and what social equity programs are doing to make the industry accessible to as many people as possible.

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A Nurse Builds the Bridge Between Conventional Medicine and Cannabis Care

Elisabeth Mack, R.N., is the Founder and CEO of Holistic Caring. She established the organization in 2016 with a mission to bridge the gaps between conventional medicine and cannabis care. This week, she joins Jonathan to discuss how she discovered the benefits of cannabis while healing from a bike injury, and the ways that she feels we could bridge the cannabis world with the conventional medicine route. Elisabeth has been a nurse since 1986, and provides both education and services for patients and extensive training for those in both the healthcare and cannabis industries. Elisabeth gives a few examples of patient success stories and explains why CBD / cannabis treatment can be so powerful when dealing with the symptoms of dementia.

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Come for the Comedy, Stay for the Cannabis!

This week, Jonathan is joined by Joesh Savage, DJ and co-host of The Shit Show, an LA based stand up comedy show that features a night of talented comics and cannabis at the historic El Cid on Sunset Blvd. Joesh shares how he and co-host Abdullah Saeed met and decided to start producing events and why they care about educating others while dismantling the stigma around cannabis with humor. Joesh talks about how they integrate products and brands into their event, and gives us a sneak peek into their expansion to Palm Springs. He and Jonathan talk about how cannabis helps ease social anxiety and breaks down the barriers between us.

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Sarah Woodson Is Finding Justice for Those Impacted by the War on Drugs

Sarah Woodson believes that the best way you can repair and restore a community is by providing people with the resources to help themselves. As the Founder of The Color of Cannabis, Sarah and her team are working to provide a pathway for restorative justice to those negatively impacted by the war on drugs. She joins Jonathan this week to talk about the urgent need behind better minority representation in the cannabis industry, and the issue of ownership in cannabis. Sarah talks about the challenges she had to overcome while building both the non-profit and legislative parts of her organization, along with the three pillar approach for justice that she uses at The Color of Cannabis. Sarah also shares some fun takeaways from her recent meeting with Wana’s own Nancy Whiteman, and what we should know about her other endeavor, a consumption friendly art class called Kush & Canvases.

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One Woman’s Tireless Fight to Get Her Brother Out of Prison for a Non-Violent Cannabis Crime

Beth Curtis is the founder of Life for Pot and Release Nonviolent Drug Offenders. Her entire life path changed in 1994, when her brother was sentenced to two life sentences for a non-violent marijuana offense. Beth and her family quickly went from naive and optimistic to seeing just how serious the War on Drugs was, and the broken aspects within the US Justice System. This week, Beth joins Jonathan to talk about how she used her internet savvy and background in non-profit work to focus her mission on founding Life For Pot in 2008. She shares a few of the many things she did to advocate for her brother’s release, which happened in 2020 on President Trump’s last day in office. Finally, Beth discusses the power of storytelling to show the human aspect of those wrongly incarcerated, the responsibility within the cannabis industry to step up, and how one can get involved with advocacy for the innocent.

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The Secret Benefits of the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Swathi Varanasi is one of the first-ever Integrative Health and Medical Cannabis Pharmacists, and a Chief Scientific Officer at Element Apothec. She is also a plant-based wellness expert and a medical consultant for CBD and food brands. Dr. Swathi has a passion for helping consumers understand their choices for CBD and cannabis, and uses her experience in science and pharmacy in conjunction with proven natural healing remedies. 

We get our own private lesson this week, as Dr. Swathi talks about what exactly the endocannabinoid system is, and “cannabimimetic” things like herbs, fruits, and the feeling of a runner’s high that we can incorporate into our life for a beneficial effect. She talks about the importance of working with a professional to get your dosage right, and finding the best type of method to consume cannabis that suits your lifestyle.

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Grab a Paintbrush and Get Ready to Puff and Pass

If you've ever attended a wine and painting party and wished there was something out there for the cannabis lover, this week's guest will make you very happy. Jonathan welcomes Heidi Keyes, Denver based artist and President and Co-Founder of Puff, Pass, and Paint, the first ever 420 cannabis inclusive art class. Puff and Pass has branches in 10 other cities including Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, and welcomes any age and skill level to come puff and paint. Heidi shares why she saw a need to merge art and cannabis together and how it differs from the wine and art parties. Heidi talks about some of the amazing yet nontraditional pieces of art that have come out of her class once people let go of their inner critic, and how the art differs from city to city. Check out this episode!

Trannabis, Chef and Founder

Since an early age, Jamie London Wollberg has known his way around a kitchen. Jamie started cooking when he was 10 and enrolled in a culinary camp program by the time he was 11, with his first restaurant job at 14. Today, he is on a mission to celebrate inclusion and help others cultivate unconditional self-love. Jamie joins Jonathan this week to discuss Trannabis, a lifestyle activism brand that aims to bridge the gap between cannabis and the LGBTQAI2S+ communities. Jamie also discusses his cooking show The Trannabis Kitchen, Trannabis Chi, and his own healing journey with cannabis. Among many things, Jamie is a proud queer, trans, and neurodiverse healer, a spiritual wellness coach, chef and entreprenuer.

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How to Plan The Perfect Cannabis Vacation

Jonathan welcomes Rick and Monique Fitzgerald, co-founders of InnDica, an online cannabis travel guide that reports on the latest and greatest cannabis friendly vacations, hotels, destinations and much more. Rick and Monique talk about their story each in finding healing with the plant, the biggest misconceptions when it comes to traveling with cannabis, and their predictions for the future of cannatourism. They also share a few of their favorite picks for cannabis friendly travel that you won’t want to miss!

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The Canna Pastor Preaches the Healing Power of Cannabis

Victor Calderon, teacher, author, and three time cancer survivor, joins Jonathan this week. Victor shares his story about being diagnosed with leukemia in 2009, his deep emotions in getting the news, and his dedication to staying alive not only for himself, but his daughter as well. Victor talks about being introduced to Medical Marijuana through his phlebotomist, and how his faith in healing allowed him to be open minded enough for the plant to change his life. Victor talks about the different responses from loved ones and in the ministry to him being a cannabis advocate and user, and how he uses his website Canna Pastor as a resource to guide others that need support. Now, Victor is excited to spread the message of peace, love, and CBD.

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