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How We're Fighting Food Insecurity This "4ward20"

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Every April, cannabis companies across the country have to make some big decisions: What’s the best way to celebrate the industry’s favorite holiday? Should we plan a big party? What kind of promos should we run? Do we have enough merch? How do we make this a 4/20 our customers will never forget?

Wana is no different. But this year, when our team got together to brainstorm 4/20 ideas, we just couldn’t get excited about a traditional approach. Community impact is a central part of our company mission, so we always knew we wanted our campaign to have a big giving component. And the more we talked, the more we reflected on all the wonderful things that have happened at Wana this year, the more we realized we wanted givingto be the whole campaign. We wanted to use 4/20 to pay it “4ward.”

What does that mean? It means that this 4/20, we’re skipping the usual barrage of discounts and not-so-sustainable swag and instead focusing our resources on one of the key pillars of our social responsibility program: fighting food insecurity.

What We’re Doing

To start, we’re contributing $10,000 each to 14 food-focused nonprofits – including one in each of the states where our products are sold – for a total donation of $140,000.

Our “4ward20” campaign supports...

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How You Can Join Us

We’re also working with our customers to raise money for these organizations on the ground. Customers who donate even just $1 will receive 10% off Wana at participating dispensaries.

Visit to find out if there’s a participating store near you. You’ll be able to make the donation at checkout via a special QR code that makes giving instant and easy.

If no nearby locations are participating, you can always donate money on your own. But you can also use the website to send us proof that you’ve signed up for a volunteer shift with one of our nonprofit partners. As a thank you, we’ll send you an exclusive Wana gift.

And finally, you can help us spread the word on social media by sharing your experience, making sure to tag both @wanabrands and #4ward20.

Why Food Insecurity?

Our CSR (corporate social responsibility) program operates year-round, providing financial donations, mentorship, and other resources to nonprofit partners tackling a variety of issues: domestic violence, housing, criminal justice reform, and racial equity, to name a few. On this cannabis-specific holiday, we are especially mindful of the tens of thousands of (mostly Black and brown) Americans still incarcerated for “marijuana-related offenses” while the legalized industry becomes more profitable than ever. We continue to support organizations like The Last Prisoner Project, National Expungement Works and many others working to right this systemic wrong. That will never change.

We made food insecurity the centerpiece of this 4/20 celebration because it's our core mission to enhance people’s lives through the power of cannabis. In the words of our CEO, Nancy Whiteman, it’s impossible to really do that for people who don’t have the basic building blocks of a safe and happy life. Beyond that, a lack of access to nutritious food is at the center of many intersecting injustices, including short and long-term health problems for those impacted. With BIPOC communities disproportionately more likely to live in a “food desert” – a direct result of the historically racist practice of “redlining” – ending food insecurity is crucial to the fight for health equity and racial justice.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 38 million people have experienced food insecurity in the last year. By focusing on this widespread problem, we hope to reimagine what it means to “enhance lives.” We hope to show the world that the cannabis community is a force for good – not just for cannabis consumers, but for anyone who needs our help. We hope to feed some people. And we really, really hope you’ll join us.

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