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Wana Brands Leaders Selected for Season of Prestigious Speaking Engagements

Executives from North America’s No. 1 infused-edibles brand ready to share valuable insights about key topics including branding, data mining, technology innovation and more.

BOULDER, Colo. (September 15, 2021) – As the cannabis industry gears up for a return to conference season, Wana Brands leaders are honored to speak at a variety of high-profile speaking opportunities, addressing topics central to the vibrant and emergent cannabis industry.

“Collaboration is just as important as competition in cannabis,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO, Wana Brands. “Together, we are building this industry from the ground up. We look forward to sharing some of what we have learned during what has been a long but rewarding journey.”

Upcoming speaking engagements include:

NCIA Midwest Cannabis Business Conference (Detroit; Sept. 22 at 2:15pm): Whiteman joins a panel moderated by Wana’s Sales Data Analyst James Woods for Crunching the Numbers: Using Data to Drive Growth. The panel will explore point-of-sale data that can inform day-to-day business operations and product development, as well as the power of high-level research for big decisions such as offering a hemp-derived CBD line or entering a new market.

New Jersey Cannabis Convention (Atlantic City, New Jersey; Oct. 2 at 2pm): Whiteman discusses Staying on Top After a Decade in the Cannabis Business. At Wana, innovation is a priority and best-in-class technology partnerships have yielded key milestones and helped boost growth. In this solo session, Whiteman will review how to step above the competition and remain relevant as new players constantly enter the industry; the importance of remaining highly engaged within the cannabis industry, as well as with consumers; and why giving back to the community is an important part of Wana’s business practices.

MJBizCon 2021 (Las Vegas; Oct. 22 at 11:45am): Whiteman examines challenges and offers tips surrounding branding and multi-state expansions during the panel Cannabis Branding: An Inside Look at Multi-State Expansion. Whiteman will explore why developing a brand can be a cost-effective way to expand into multiple states and legal considerations to consider before entering the cannabis market. She will also explore how brands identify good and reliable manufacturing and distribution partners.

MJ Unpacked Vegas (Las Vegas; Oct. 22 at 9:30am): Mike Hennesy, Vice President of Innovation, Wana Brands, will examine how innovation drives consumer engagement during the panel discussion The Next Generation of Cannabis Innovations and Compounds. Cannabis is the most hybridized plant on the planet, and many believe we now are entering a golden age of cannabis science, driving product development and new consumer experiences. Hennesy will dive deep into cannabis science and how it can drive innovation and growth.

Green Entrepreneur Green Growth Summit (Chicago; Oct. 27): Whiteman will discuss her plant-touching success story at Green Entrepreneur’s Chicago Summit.

CWCB Expo (New York City; Nov. 5 at 3:00pm): Hennesy joins panelists from Budboard, Abstrax and Terra Vera for Blending the Science & Tech of Cannabis, a discussion of major technology innovations in cannabis that will change the industry in the next few years and how they will eventually affect the entire global business landscape for the better. The cannabis industry has spawned a boom in technology innovations in software, manufacturing, food chemistry, medicine and agtech with far reaching implications for the future of the cannabis industry and beyond. These new technologies will revolutionize how we think about and consume cannabis and are poised to make an impact beyond the cannabis industry in more traditional sectors.

The Global Business of Cannabis Conference from the American Banking Association: Luncheon Keynote Address (Denver; Nov. 11 at 1:00pm): Whiteman provides the conference’s Thursday luncheon keynote address. She will broadly examine navigating volatile, varied and evolving legal landscapes while running a regulated, licensed cannabis business.

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