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Sensi Magazine: Promotional Feature: Wana Delta-9 Gummies Available Now

Next-generation fast-acting edibles offer an experience similar to inhalable cannabis, but without the smoke. Edibles make it easier to tailor the experience to the moment, whether that’s an energizing microdose before a midday hike, a quick boost during an impromptu gaming session, or a fast-onset dose for relaxation at bedtime.

Wana Brands launched its Quick Fast-Acting Gummies in Colorado last year. In less than four months, Wana Quick ranked #4, #6, and #7 out of the top 10 most popular edibles in the state’s adult-use market. Word-of-mouth buzz spread regarding the flexibility of these new products, and the brand began hearing from consumers in other states, eager to find out when Wana would expand availability of rapid-onset gummies in their area.

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