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MG Magazine: America’s Top Cannabis Industry Employers 2021

No one will deny 2020 was challenging. A deadly pandemic led to stay-at-home orders and business closures, which boosted some industries and decimated others. Mass layoffs, eviction moratoriums, and supply-chain disruptions strained the economy, and social and political unrest fractured communities.

Most jurisdictions declared cannabis commerce “essential” early in the crisis, saving jobs and likely preventing the collapse of individual businesses and potentially entire segments of the industry. That doesn’t mean cannabis companies suffered no disruption. Population lockdowns and fear of infection forced employers to restructure traditional workplace policies and adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.

But according to mg Magazine’s survey of employment practices, businesses responded with alacrity and compassion. Every company on this year’s list has implemented work-from-home policies; many employers provided equipment, furniture, and/or stipends to help employees make the transition. Because coworkers seldom saw one another in the real world under the new paradigm, businesses found creative virtual ways to keep employees connected and maintain morale (including monthly or quarterly interactive “town hall” meetings). Both sides of the equation reported finding the measure liberating, so it’s become standard operating procedure, at least for some employees, at almost every company that appears on this year’s list.

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