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Making Sustainability a Priority, Wana Brands Unveils New Innovative and Environmentally Conscious Packaging

Boulder, Colo. (February 19, 2019)—It’s no secret: The cannabis industry has a waste issue. Due to labeling regulations and product quality standards, many cannabis products are sold in multiple layers of plastic and packaging, leading directly to the industry’s carbon footprint problem. Now trailblazer Wana Brands is advancing industry innovation by unveiling a more sustainable packaging solution for its artisan edibles. The new containers reduce three layers of packaging to only one, with a tamper-evident shrink band adding another level of security.

“Wana Brands wanted to reduce the amount of plastic waste in its packaging. This new container solution provides compliant, sustainable product storage that is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable*,” said Wana CEO Nancy Whiteman. “Our new packaging combats the four adversaries of marijuana storage—moisture, oxygen, static charge and UV light—by being airtight, antistatic and UV light opaque.”

Wana’s new FDA food-grade approved plastic product containers will reduce both its environmental and storage footprints by eliminating the need for three layers of packaging, including a cardboard box, vial and plastic reclosable bag. The containers are machine-labeled with all relevant safety, compliance and branding information. The aesthetically pleasing sustainable packaging is recyclable but will also break down faster than regular plastic products if it ends up in a landfill thanks to a biodegradable plastic additive. The sleek, modular storage solution streamlines operations across the cannabis supply chain, saving time, money and space. Wana Brands new packaging offers exceptional legal compliance and more shelf and storage space for distributors and dispensaries.

The new packaging features certified child-resistant and smell-proof containers with sustainability advantages. Wana Brands consumers can enjoy fresh products for longer while having peace of mind about child resistance. By purchasing Wana Brands products in its new packaging, consumers will reduce their environmental impact with less waste than Wana’s prior packaging. The new packaging is coming online in Colorado, Oregon and Michigan.  

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Wana Brands: Enhance Your Life.

Included in the 2018 Inc. 5000 list at #1087 and boasting a three-year growth rate of 455%, Wana Brands is the No. 1 edibles brand in the United States, with more units and dollars sold than any other brand, according to November 2018 BDS Analytics report. Wana leads the industry in quality, consistency and potency, featuring a full line of edibles, including market-leading gummies and WanaCapsXR, a family of extended-release cannabis capsules that provide symptom relief for up to 12 hours. Wana products are available in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada, and will soon be available to medical patients in Illinois, Florida and Michigan. The Company expects to enter California, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey and internationally in Canada by 2020. For more information or to subscribe to Wana’s e-newsletter, visit Follow Wana on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

*Container label should be removed before recycling or disposal.  Biodegradation rate of the container is 41% in 365 days and measured according to the ASTM D5511 test method. Tests are generally conducted using 20% to 30% solids content; solids content in naturally wetter landfills range from 55% to 65%, while the driest landfills may reach 93%. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically-active landfills according to the product configuration and the solid content, temperature and moisture levels of the landfill.

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