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Wana Brands Debuts Vaporizer

BOULDER, Colo. — Nov. 7, 2018 — PRESS RELEASE — As a provider of infused products since 2010, Wana Brands has grown into Colorado’s top-selling brand. Now Wana is adding to its extensive lineup of award-winning artisan edibles and medicinal products with a new disposable vaporizer.

“Wana Brands has a clear advantage in the crowded vaporizer market, particularly disposable vapes,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO of Wana Brands. “While most disposable vapes that are currently on the market are convenient for consumers, the extract oil ingredients are often sub-par, as is the hardware technology. At Wana Brands, we’re changing the game because consumers deserve better.”

The vaporizer market in Colorado is growing rapidly: Vapes currently represent 40 percent of all concentrate sales, according to sales-tracking firm BDS Analytics. Between 2016 and 2017, vape sales increased 86 percent.

Wana Brands will launch four disposable vapes, featuring highly potent and flavorful terpene-infused, family-specific distillate, now available in dispensaries across the Centennial State. Each variety features proprietary terpene distillate blends that combine over 40 organic botanicals for flavor and consistent effects every time. The lineup includes Sativa Diesel, Indica Kush, Hybrid Haze and Balanced 1:1 CBD / THC.

The concentrates are produced from single-source, pesticide-free cannabis using CO2 extraction. Wana Vapes are free from harmful solvents and don’t contain fillers or cutting agents such as PG, VG, MCT or coconut oil. Each vape pen contains 300 milligrams of concentrate.

Additionally, Wana’s disposable pen hardware uses state-of-the-art CCELL technology that enables customers to enjoy every last drop of oil. The pen is calibrated to vaporize the oil at a safe temperature to prevent degradation of terpenes into potentially harmful byproducts. The “pull-to-activate” vape pens are simple to use, with no buttons or settings to fumble with.

Wana Brands’ products all undergo rigorous internal and external testing to ensure precise dosage and consistency. “The reason Wana Brands remains the top-selling brand in Colorado is two-fold: Retailers trust us for our professionalism and our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability across all of our products, and consumers can be assured Wana Disposable Vapes won’t disappoint,” Whiteman said.

Wana’s products are available in Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada dispensaries, and will soon be available in Florida, Michigan and Illinois.

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